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Richard Horrell, who was born in 1959 and lives in California, Was baptized Catholic in Northern Utah in 1999. His career has spanned from Logging to mining in his early years to currently being a self-employed contractor. He moved his family to Northern Utah in 1999 where he was baptized Catholic after attending the RCIA in what was direction from his Catholic wife. He took to the faith right away and has never looked back. He helped with the RCIA and monthly tours of his church for what he calls 14 blessed years. During those years he started making crucifixes and writing for his Parish. Richard Horrell is married to his first love Chantal of 35 years and has 3 wonderful children. If you would like a Custom Crucifix made for your family you can contact Rich at 530-903-0121 Email: 
Catholic Call to Quiet 

In a small Church on the Utah State Campus in Logan Utah, up on a hill I spent alone time in a Chapel on a dark windy snowy night. As I opened the doors up, doors that remained open 24 hours a day I walked into a dark entrance with two candles on each side of the next set of double doors that lead to the Chapel. As I entered the Chapel the only light shining was the candle above the Tabernacle behind the Altar. On this night, with all the snow outside it lit up the whole sanctuary. As I walked down the aisle, pews on each side I felt a bit of fear as I heard branches softly strike the stained-glass windows. I walked up the one step that lead to the Altar. Placing may face upon it I remembered what a Trappist Monk once said to me in a Monastery, in the country outside of Huntsville Utah.

He said, 
“What I want you to do Rich, is go into the Chapel and give thanks to God for all that he has given you. Then be silent in your thoughts. Just spend quiet time with Him who loves you most”  
I had come on this night with a heavy heart, burdens that can bring any of us to our knees. Except for the loss of a mother, a brother, sister, God forbid a son or daughter, nothing was really that bad. 
I sat in the second pew, Crucifix, life-sized, maybe 20 feet in front of me. Mind starts to wonder like a song, the way it always does. Then I hear in a soft soul, quiet. All I want is for you is to spend quiet time with me. That’s when the words of the Trappist Monk from Huntsville set in.
Its that simple at times. Quiet time with God. No demands, no questions, no answers to questions. No running thoughts, No need. 
To focus on the Passion of Christ, with the Crucifix as an aid at times can tell us that we can get through the pain, through the darkness that comes to all of us at times, when we least expect it. Deep pain can build from another that may have hurt us, a job lost, diagnoses of Cancer, a love one who tragically dies. Jesus the comforter, personal, His hand in our hand. Your going to get through this. Give it up to Him and a day. Time will heal. 
Go in weak, mourn, its ok. The other side of pain will come after the embrace, you made it! When we can gain the ability to go through pain, we become a master at finding the joy in the little things as well as the big. The peace that only Christ can really give. 
Last night while laying in bed I read a writing from another. Its why I find myself here now. As much as I desire to put certain things into perspective there is always someone else that does it better. This is my daily search. To find these nuggets of faith. In order to share what I love about His life most. Amongst my own sin and darkness, I hope my family finds me here. In the lowest of lowest places that gives us the most hope. Don’t get me wrong as I do love joy and happiness. 
I can do that!

And so it is I found this from a women named Courtney Beck who lives in Atlanta, Ga., with her husband and two young children. They both attend and worship at an Evangelical church. She enjoys strong coffee, smooth beer and writes regularly on life and faith. 
“Catholic call to the quiet, cool and darkened church in the middle of a college campus, where the search for answers can stop and I can finally exhale. This is the place where I sat with life’s unanswerable questions while in college, and it is the place that has best complemented the profound but relatively few things I know for sure about the God of the Bible.
I know that God is the author of love. I know that this world is difficult and wonderful and filled with beautifully broken people. Finally, I know that it’s the combination of imperfect people and a crucified and resurrected God that helps us move through the world with any lasting power. Beyond these things, I have mostly informed opinions that I hold somewhat loosely as I age.
Catholics and Protestants alike can and do lose their faith. My personal understanding of the divine that took root in Catholic churches and Catholic schools never allowed me to jump off the deep end when things got complicated. I have had my share of disenchantment. Yet I have always sensed that, given enough time, God would show himself and his purposes once the smoke cleared.
Getting to the other side of pain has depended upon my ability to go through it, not avoid it. This is something Catholics and their insistence on the imagery and experience of the crucified Christ understand. For this I am most grateful. The journey of faith and hope in a broken world is not for the faint of heart. Faith is for the poets who see in the ebbs and flows of life that the world is in fact, charged with the grandeur of God, and he is leading us all home”

Christ Our King
Christ The King Pine Crucifix
12" x 7"

Pine Wood Cross / Gold and Bronze tone Corpus 
A very special Crucifix. Only found here. Not cartoonish at all. 
The face of Christ resembles that found in the epic movie "Jesus of Nazareth"  
No 2 are alike. Each Cross and Body are hand made by a Catholic Artist.
RH Crosses
Living in the USA
Hard to get a great picture because of the richness of the tones. 

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